About Us

MEDLEC, centre d’examen agréé Cambridge English

MEDLEC is a new Tunisian exams centre accredited by Cambridge English Language Assessment and the first in Tunisia to offer the computer-based format.

Our Centre is located in “Les Berges du Lac” area in Tunis.

MEDLEC offers a wide variety of Cambridge English exams and certificates that are highly recommended for an array of people ranging from pupils/students who aim to pursue an education in English to academics and professionals who seek to add value to their CVs.

The Cambridge English exams offered by MEDLEC allow you to acquire an internationally recognised Cambridge English language certificate that is valid for life.

What is more, and in an attempt to help you succeed in your academic and professional life, MEDLEC helps to assess your level of English through running assessment sessions as well as through offering Cambridge English exam preparation courses designed in accordance with your specific needs.

As our objective consists in promoting the use of the English language in Tunisia, MEDLEC intends to collaborate with the different Tunisian organisations and institutions operating in the fields of education, training and professional development. This is why MEDLEC aims to establish privileged partnerships with primary, intermediate and secondary schools as well as with higher education institutions and also with enterprises.

MEDLEC promises a high level of reactivity on grounds that both our pedagogy staff and management team work hard to ensure high quality services that will help you to brilliantly carry out your academic and professional projects.

Demonstrating a high level of English can be the key to personal success, whether you use it to further your education or career. With MEDLEC:

Become your own personal trainer!
Educate, Engage, Empower!