Cambridge English exams

Cambridge exams are recognised by educational institutions and employers across the world and are an invaluable recognition of your language ability. So Why not put some of the University of Cambridge in your CV?

To help you achieve your goals in your studies, your work and your personal life, MEDLEC offers you a selection of Cambridge English Exams.

Cambridge English exams and certifications are universally recognised and used by schools, universities and employers in the public and private sectors worldwide. In fact, each year more than 5 million candidates sit for Cambridge English exams.

Cambridge English exams allow you to evaluate your level of English in depth through systematic assessment of the four skills: Listening and Reading, Speaking and Writing.

By passing a Cambridge English exam, you obtain an internationally recognised diploma certifying the level you have attained in English.

Through exam preparation courses tailored to your needs, MEDLEC helps you make the most of your potential.

With MEDLEC, from now on, assert your level thanks to a long-haul internationally recognised English certificate.

Why choose a Cambridge English exam preparation course?

Improve speaking and listening, reading and writing skills for the exam

  • Become stronger in weaker areas with personal learning plans and targets
  • Be well-prepared with regular tests and mock exams
  • Become familiar with various accents you’ll hear in the exam
  • Improve your language skills, level and outcomes

Regular start dates throughout the year. Don’t miss the next one.

Examens Cambridge English